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"Do you know the true value of nature?"




Across the planet, both developed and developing countries have struggled to find the balance between growing the economy and conserving the natural environment. Too often we choose an economic model that over-exploits our natural resources in order to support rapid economic growth, with little consideration for the long-term consequences. In doing so, we are depleting our natural capital, such as the water, biodiversity and landscapes that provide a long list of ecosystem services or benefits critical to the existence of everyone that call this planet home.

Over the past few decades, Southeast Asian countries have drained their natural capital in the race for development. Myanmar however still has abundant natural wealth, and with that the opportunity to choose a development path that integrates a Green Economy model, which will bring long-term and equitable economic growth as well as environmental benefits.


With WWF’s support, Myanmar is taking its first steps towards a green economy. We work with the government, private sector, civil society and academia to show the value of nature and the benefits it provides to people, and to promote policy and investment that support people, nature, and the economy.

This process begins by showing the links between nature, people and the economy, and communicating these links to decision-makers and the wider public. By supporting policy and investment that accounts for these links, we encourage decisions that benefit conservation of Myanmar’s natural wealth, improve human well-being and grow Myanmar’s economy sustainably.


Hanna Helsingen
Hanna Helsingen
Green Economy Programme Manager

What do you do?

"I highlight the value of nature, make sure that decisions account for it and function as a bridge between development and conservation."

Why do you do it?

" I want to make a difference and ensure that in the future, tigers will still roam Myanmar’s forests and people will still be able to ] enjoy the many benefits nature provides to people."

Sai Nay Won Myint
Sai Nay Won Myint
Green Economy Officer

What do you do?

“I am working with the Government to develop sound policies to protect nature.”

Why do you do it?

“Because nothing can exist without nature.”