The Ayeyarwady River and the Economy of Myanmar: Ayeyarwady Futures | WWF

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The Ayeyarwady River and the Economy of Myanmar: Ayeyarwady Futures

29 August 2018

WWF-Myanmar, through the River in the Economy project, brought together people from diverse backgrounds, to imagine what the future of the Ayeyarwady Basin could look like. Some futures look good, some futures look bad. Some futures are good for a few, other futures are disastrous for the ecosystems that keep us alive and resilient.
WWF-Myanmar undertook this process to better understand the drivers of change that help or hinder our progress towards an equitably beneficial future. By imagining the possible directions the future could take, we can imagine what sort of actions we need to take. This is to make sure we collectively follow the future that we want, and not the future that we do not want.

This report has been developed from the culmination of workshops in 2017 and 2018, collecting the perspectives of government, civil society, academia and business in the Ayeyarwady Basin, including the Delta, Middle Basin, Lower Basin and Chindwin Basin. 103 participants attended these workshops.

This is the second volume of a two-part series of reports highlighting perspectives of diverse stakeholder across the Ayeyarwady Basin. The first workshops were centred on creating a common understanding of the Ayeyarwady River Basin and the risks and opportunities associated with living in the basin. The second series of workshops were then focused on the future, and what the possible development pathways in the future may look like.