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To support sustainable production practices, Tha Bar Wa conducted energy efficiency assessments of rice mills in Bago region

Four rice mills interested in energy efficiency and energy saving practices were assessed as part of the Tha Ba Wa project in early December 2021.

The energy efficiency assessments, conducted in collaboration with Helvetas Climate Smart Rice and the Water Productivity Project, took place at mills in Waw and Thanatpin townships.

Through these assessments that analyze baseline data, and measure usage and machine performance, rice mills are able to identify where energy is being lost and potential areas for change or improvement for more sustainable production. The assessments were carried out in-person by three national consultants trained by Tha Bar Wa.

A full set of assessment reports, including the observed issues, recommended actions, and a cost-benefit analysis, will be shared with the rice millers by the end of January.

The Tha Bar Wa project is funded by the European Union under the SWITCH-Asia Programme. It promotes cleaner production within the food and beverage industry by promoting wastewater treatment plants, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. It supports financial institutions to offer banking products designed specifically for cleaner production.