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Tha Bar Wa conducts wastewater pollution assessments in six F&B factories
Six food and beverage (F&B) factories within the Yangon Region were assessed for how they process and treat wastewater by Tha Bar Wa in March 2022. The assessments were carried out by cleaner production advisor Dr. Lat Lat Tun and two technical assistants, with wastewater samples gathered from the factories for further tests and analysis. 


Most of the factories do not have wastewater treatment plants, and some just have settling tanks that support solid particles to settle before wastewater is discharged into the general drainage system. One factory has a wastewater treatment plant which is not functioning well and so further support will be provided by Tha Bar Wa. 

Based on the results of the assessments and the wastewater sample analysis, Tha Bar Wa will offer consultation to these businesses and develop further plans for appropriate wastewater treatment options. 

The Tha Bar Wa project is funded by the European Union under the SWITCH-Asia Programme. It promotes cleaner production within the food and beverage industry by promoting wastewater treatment plants, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. It also supported financial institutions to offer banking products designed specifically for cleaner production.