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2018 Annual Report

28 November 2018

This has been a year of results.

From zero elephant rangers we now have 220 on the ground in our Central Elephant Landscape and have gone from one elephant poached per week, to one a month and now one every six months.

We have achieved one of the toughest wildlife laws in Asia with a mandatory minimum three years imprisonment for poaching or trade of completely protected species and seen it implemented in the courts. Through the Voices for Momos campaign we have secured a ban on illegal wildlife sales in Yangon region.

It has also been a year of challenges.

The Dawei Road project has re-awoken and is pushing ahead with potential devastating impacts to a critical tiger corridor. Conversations around dams are becoming louder and more frequent and everyone is aware of the challenges Myanmar is facing in its transition to democracy.

To meet these challenges we are expanding our presence with offices now in Naypyidaw, Hpa-An, Dawei and Yangon, and work focused across three landscapes –Dawna Tenasserim, Central Elephant and Ayeyarwady. Our work in natural resource protection and management is investment in the peace, stability, and prosperity of an entire nation. This is evidenced in our Dawna Tenasserim projects where we are working alongside returning Karen refugees supporting livelihoods through a sustainable, inclusive, landscape approach.

Now more than ever we need to ensure Myanmar’s natural heritage remains and underpins sustainable, inclusive development for the good of all its people.