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Myanmar is a place
Where nature still thrives

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We are WWF-Myanmar
working to protect it



Over the past 40 years it is estimated that human activities have wiped out up to half of the planet’s wildlife. In many places this has meant the extinction of some of the world’s most iconic animals. Much of Myanmar’s wildlife still thrives, but its future is at a crossroads.

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Every second a forested area the size of a football field is razed from our earth. Though deforestation rates in Myanmar are among the highest in the world, this country still has some of the most extensive forest cover in the whole of Southeast Asia.

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Our earth’s once mighty rivers are bowing to the pressures of a growing population. Hope in Myanmar comes in the form of the majestic Ayeyarwady, one of the last long, free-flowing rivers on the entire planet.

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Seven billion people are having a big impact on our planet. CO2 emissions have skyrocketed and consumer goods have left us inundated with litter. Uniquely, Myanmar has a chance to choose a sustainable development journey fueled by clean, green energy.

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