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Investing in nature: A key to Myanmar's sustainable development

14 June 2022

‘A Key to Myanmar’s Sustainable Development’ is the first report in the Investing in Nature series. It aims to resolve the decade-long debate between two priorities – promote human development or protect natural resources?

Using examples from Myanmar, this preliminary report integrates economic, environmental and social elements into the development discussion and provides a framework to evaluate the importance of investing in nature to foster sustainable development by laying out the theoretical justification for investing in nature and the challenges to doing so.

The report stresses that caring for and investing in Myanmar’s natural resources is imperative to create safety nets that guarantee the basic needs of its people. Taking a holistic approach is critical to improving the lives and livelihoods of those living today and to protecting the natural environments that will support the lives and livelihoods of generations to come. 
Investing in nature and promoting human development are not competing priorities, but one and the same.