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WWF-Myanmar 2019 Annual Report

28 November 2019

This has been a year of results.

There is a saying in Myanmar that whatever you do, do it with ambition – give 200% and reach for the highest peak. It is also our office motto.

We never focus on what’s possible – we focus on what needs to happen and we make it happen. The more impossible the peak to scale the more determined we are to figure out how to scale it and then how to scale up.

When we were asked to support rangers we knew it wasn’t enough to just bring in the funding, we knew we needed to reform the whole system, so we set about planning the Myanmar Wildlife College. In 18 months, this has gone from a discussion to a scoping trip when last month I stood on the site where thousands of rangers will be trained to effectively and professionally protect and manage Myanmar’s natural heritage.

When public education on wild elephants was needed we supported Myanmar’s first elephant museum from concept to design to the opening in June. This museum has raised the bar for all museums within the country and is attracting hundreds of visitors per week.

When we looked at the Ayeyerwady River, the lifeline of Myanmar, we knew piecemeal projects would not achieve our ambition to keep the river free-flowing and safeguard the people and nature who depend upon it. So, we developed a strategy that considers all aspects from the highest Himalayan water towers to the rich rice basket Delta, from the 66 per cent of the population living within the basin to the incredible terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity, including the critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphins.

At the core of ambition is vision, passion and determination. This year we are celebrating our 5th anniversary and for nearly four years it has been my privilege to lead what I consider to be the most visionary, passionate and determined office in the network.

In Myanmar nothing is impossible. It just takes people to care enough and it will happen.