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Our aim is to conserve the forest for future generations.
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PROJECT: Community Forestry
Stewards of natural resources

Giving communities a say in the future of their home through community forestry.

Across the Dawna Tenasserim Landscape (DTL) local communities heavily rely on the forests and rivers for their livelihoods. As part of our Forest Programme this project aims to bring security and the power of land management to the hands of the people who call the DTL home. It will help communities restore the forest, protecting their means of income and food source through responsible agroforestry techniques, and give communities the capacity to share their knowledge with other families and villages. Community representatives will be able to take part in the planning processes with other stakeholders, ensuring that the decisions made that affect the communities are socially, ecologically and economically sound.

This project will also make communities more resilient to climate related shocks that have long been a severe threat due to their dependence on farming. The formation and professionalisation of a producer group will also connect communities to markets and micro financing schemes.

The livelihoods of at least 10 communities in the Tanintharyi Region are improved and more resilient.
Local communities are recognised by government agencies as stewards of natural resources.
Communities are actively managing and maintaining the forest ecosystem and its services for future generations.
174ha community forest piloted is a success
A forest landscape vision is developed and forest restoration is piloted
Land tenure and natural resources use rights of 10 communities are submitted for official recognition
Economic opportunities from Natural Resources Management are strengthened for local communities
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