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Statement in response to commercial breeding

14 July 2020


Statement in response to Notification No. 691/2020, June 3rd, 2020 by The Forest Department, 
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation
on commercial breeding in accordance with section 22/A of the Protection of Biodiversity and Protected Area Law

We commend the increased number of species and the inclusion of marine and freshwater species on the list of protected species under the 2018 Conservation of Biodiversity and Protected Area Law. WWF and Fauna & Flora International are, however, concerned by the provision for commercial breeding of 90 species, some of which are globally endangered.  
Experience from other Southeast Asian countries shows that commercial breeding of any wild species has no value for conservation and is extremely difficult to regulate.  Commercial trade has been shown to increase illegal trade in wildlife by creating a parallel market and boosting overall demand for wild animal products. Commercial wildlife breeding and trade can also increase the risk of disease spillover from wildlife to humans, such as COVID-19.
We are working closely with the government to clarify some details in the new regulations and continue to support the progress made in recent years to end illegal wildlife trade in Myanmar, which during a time when the world is gripped by the COVID-19 crisis, has never been more urgent and critical. 
WWF & Fauna & Flora International - July 2020
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