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No water, no life.
© Min Zayar Oo WWF-Myanmar

Water is one of the most precious resources on planet earth. The survival of all life depends on it. Only 1%, however, is fresh and accessible. This 1% faces a myriad of pressures and threats; from climate change and growing populations, to hydropower dams and pollution and mining and overfishing, our water is under pressure. Though we have already seen the demise of some of the world’s great rivers, Myanmar still features freshwater ecosystems that are intact. It is critical that we make smart decisions now to safeguard the lifeblood arteries of this country, before it’s too late.


As well as protecting species and important habitats in Myanmar’s river systems, we are working to demonstrate the true value of the river to all of those who depend on it. We engage the private sector to improve their practices, support the government in eradicating illegal activities, and work with communities to ensure that their livelihoods are sustainable.

Fewer than 70 of the world’s longest rivers remain free-flowing, and Myanmar is home to one of them - the magnificent Ayeyarwady River. This river is home to species seen nowhere else on earth, and it is at the heart of the country’s development journey. We all have a vested interest in ensuring it stays healthy.

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